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Our dedicated medical transcription team has an impressive reputation for delivering services on time to our physicians and clients.
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Medical Transcription

At AMRADNET, expert physicians are encouraged to dictate their reports into the system for the following reasons -

  1. To ensure report authenticity
  2. To let expert physicians focus 100% on patient studies instead of juggling with voice recognition system reporting and/or typing of the reports.
  3. To minimize use of canned reports

AMRADNET runs three shifts, around-the-clock, fully staffed medical transcription center with transcriptionists, editors and managers to provide quality reports quickly. Our medical transcription team has both the knowledge and familiarity with each medical specialty and sub-specialty. The team is continuously monitored and mentored by our MT (Medical Transcription) Director, a physician himself.

The entire process of dictating, transcribing, editing and delivering of the report happens in real-time utilizing state-of-the-art technology that is HIPAA compliant and secured. All patient identifiable data are removed from the information and dictation sent to our medical transcriptionists and editors, to ensure privacy protection.

Quality control is an inherent process in our transcription workflow. In an effort to keep the accuracy rate high, we have incorporated several checks and audits at different stages of report delivery. The errors and corrections are fed back to the transcribers and their managers through our feedback system. The team is incentivized to provide accurate and quick turnaround of reports.

Our transcription service is completely customizable. Following are the different service levels available for our clients:

  1. Critical Support - Report turnaround time is within the hour
  2. Active Support - Report turnaround time is within two hours
  3. Live Support - Report turnaround time is within three hours
  4. Scheduled Support - Report turnaround time is within six hours
  5. Same Day Support - Report turnaround time is 12 hours
  6. Next Day Support - Report turnaround time is 24 hours.