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Our billing is automated and transparent in which all participants can see an itemized list of the bill. Also, all our prices are itemized and published on our website.
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Our billing team handles all billing and collection activities for services rendered by AMRADNET.

Currently, we offer the following billing options to our clients -

Standard Billing

Our client facility bills for both the professional and technical components and reimburses AMRADNET for the professional component.

Under this option, additional services, other than expert physician service, are billed separately to the client. Additional services include technology service, cloud-storage service and practice management service.

Fee-for-service Billing

Our client is billed on a pay-as-you-go model.

Under this option, the client is billed according to the package and services within the package selected.

To learn more about pricing under this model, please refer to Pricing and Package.

Direct Billing

Under this option, all services that are split billable and the codes for which are separately reimbursed by different providers for the professional and technical component are directly billed by AMRADNET to the payer. Any services that cannot be split billed by AMRADNET are billed to the client as per Standard Billing above.

Again, under this option, all services other than expert physician services are billed separately to the client.

This billing option will be available starting October 1st, 2012.

For all billing inquiries, please contact the billing department at billing@amradnet.com. Somebody from billing will contact you within 24 hours.

Please mail all payments to:

P.O. Box 970,
Simi Valley, CA 93062-0970.