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Our proven processes, services, state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure will keep your organization on the leading-edge and also provide new revenue streams.
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AMRADNET Alliance Partner Program

The AMRADNET Alliance Partner Program is designed to allure true benefits for expert physician groups and their clients.

AMRADNET is a growing national network of expert physicians group. Wherever you sell your expert physician services, radiology or cardiology, we can help you sell more of them. Our proven processes, services, state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure can help you not only survive the competition but also take your income to new heights.

We apply our expertise and utilize our tools and resources to help make you more successful.

National Network - Local Support

Benefit from our national network of expert physicians in providing local support to your customers.

Backed by our around-the-clock support and service, you can be confident about scaling and providing 24/7/365 service to your local hospitals and diagnostic clinics. Eliminate the need to invest in infrastructure, staff and processes. Focus on what you do best and leave the rest for us to handle.

In this environment of increasing competition & cost of operations, and decreasing reimbursement, we are the best solution for expert physician groups to sustain and grow in this market.

All-Inclusive Solution

We are a one-stop solution for expert physician groups and their customers.

Our proficiency in clinical and operational technology, supplying and managing infrastructures, managing practices and a network of multi-disciplinary expert physicians allows our alliance partners to offer an all-inclusive solution to their local hospitals and diagnostic clinics.

Our all-inclusive service model allows our alliance partners and their customers to get all that they need in one place via one touch-point. Our capabilities allow us to deliver cost-effective solutions and save precious time and money for our alliance partners’ customers.

At AMRADNET, we set the standard to be excellent in the quality of our products and services we deliver to our alliance partners.

Collaborative Medical Care

AMRADNET’s expert physicians are aligned with primary care physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, serving an important role in the management of a variety of medical conditions, and providing care that is efficient and effective. We have been playing a pivotal role in the disposition of patient’s case by recommending the appropriate use of diagnostic studies.

Our tools and social media allow our alliance partners to collaborate with other healthcare provider organizations and primary care physicians in bringing efficient care to patients. We also provide several quality reports to physicians and other healthcare providers such as disease management report, utilization report, etc.

By becoming our Alliance Partner, you will be well positioned to ride the next wave of healthcare change that could affect your business and revenue.

Our Alliance Partner Services include:

  1. Sub-Specialty Coverage
    • Access our subspecialty expertise to provide comprehensive coverage to your local hospitals and diagnostic centers. We help Alliance Partners bring medical expertise to the local community. Subspecialty Reports are provided by experienced fellowship trained expert physicians. With our advanced technology and a large network of expert physicians, we bring quality medical service to the healthcare community across the country.

    • To learn more about our radiology service, please click here.

    • To learn more about our cardiology service, please click here.

  2. Consultation Service
    • Complex and uncertain study? Unable to provide a definitive report? No need to worry. Get support from your peers. As a member of the alliance, you can submit your study for discussion and review feedback from your peers before delivering your opinion and report.

    • Use our state-of-the-art consultation system. Earn EXPERT REWARD POINTS by providing consultation to your peers. Use your points for buying consultation service from your peers, redeem them for any products or services available through us or our partner websites, or even convert them to cash. You can also cash your points by requesting a check.

  3. Second Opinion Service
    • Increase your earnings by joining the national expert opinion team. Promote your skills within the network and become a member of “My Favorite” team of your peers, our client facilities, primary care physicians and patients. Use our state-of-the-art BYOT® (Build Your Own Team) to build your network of experts. Use our innovative SECONDNET® system to receive or provide Second Opinion reports.

  4. Peer Review Service
    • Alliance partners are automatically enrolled into our National Peer Review Network to receive or provide feedback on primary reports. Use our all new PEERNET® system to review & rate fellow physicians’ reports and provide vital information for improving the quality of interpretations. Feedback is provided in a graphical format and suggestions from peers can be reviewed online.

  5. Practice Management Service
    • Fill the gap in your coverage. As an Alliance Partner, you can use our automated tools to communicate your last-minute requirements to our Practice Management team. Get preliminary and final read coverage tailored to your exact needs - sub-specialty coverage, supplemental coverage, vacation coverage and day/night/weekend coverage. Let us handle the resource planning and scheduling, and ensure that your commitments for turnaround and quality are met.

    • To learn more about our Practice Management service, please click here.

  6. Credentialing Service
    • Short on Credentialing staff? Use our credentialing technology, process and team to help you process and file documents for hospital privileging, government enrollments, state applications, CAHQ and License renewals for new and existing individual providers. Maintain all of your documents on our secure cloud, update your CMEs, affiliations and employment history online, and access & fax your documents from anywhere, anytime and using any device.

    • AMRADNET® Credentialing Service verifies at present Radiologists and Cardiologists.

    • To learn more about our Credentialing service, please click here.

  7. Billing Service
    • Alliance partners can take advantage of our billing service to handle all billing and collections activities. To learn more about the billing service, please click here.

  8. Medical Transcription Service
    • As an alliance partner, you will be eligible to use our around-the-clock transcription service to turn reports around faster. To learn more about the transcription service, please click here.

  9. Technology Solution
    • Alliance partners will also have access to technologies to streamline their practice. We will provide you with tools to connect with your customers and patients directly. Alliance partners will also have access to solutions that can be bundled with their service and sold to customers.

    • To learn more about our technology solution, please click here.

  10. Technical and Infrastructure Support Service
    • Alliance partners need not invest in creating and managing technical support staff. We will support you and your customers around-the-clock on any technical and infrastructure issues.

    • To learn more about our technical and infrastructure support service, please click here.

  11. Marketing Service
    • Alliance members will have access to our marketing services, tools and referral programs -.

    • Marketing Service  
      Direct Introductions On a project basis we will make business introductions to prospects and Alliance Partners.
      Web Presence and Links We will promote Alliance Partners on our website. Our site will list our alliance partners with a custom written description and a matrix listing their services along with those of our other Alliance Partners. Links to partner sites are also provided.
      Web Store Promotion All Alliance partners will be listed on our Web Store and will be allowed to sell their services through the web store.

      To visit the web store, please click here.
      Social Networking and Direct Connect Tools All Alliance partners will also be directly registered into UMEDEX® Social Network. The partners will have access to tools to connect with patients and primary care physicians and will also
      be allowed to sell their services via the social network.

      To visit the social network, please click here.