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Practice Management

AMRADNET Practice Management is totally automated with OASIS™ Cloud-based Telemedicine Suite.

The Practice Manager Dashboard provides real-time visibility into our operations from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

AMRADNET’s practice management team is available around-the-clock to ensure full coverage and support to our clients, their customers and patients. Our practice staff can be contacted online, by phone, secure instant messaging, SMS and UMEDEX Social Network.

Our services include:

  1. Resource Scheduling
  2. Active Workflow Management
  3. Customer Support
  4. Quality Assurance Support

Resource Planning and Scheduling

Resource Scheduling is completely automated. At AMRADNET, we do long-term resource planning spanning 60-90 days and short-term resource scheduling that is less than 30 days. Our expert physicians communicate their availability to our schedulers using CalConNet®, the integrated medical calendar. Expert Physicians are scheduled for a client based on several criteria including certification, license, specialty, approved skills, performance, client preferences, insurance approval, special privileges, location, popularity and availability. Using our automated systems, all our internal resources are managed optimally - expert physicians, medical transcriptionists, editors, peer reviewers and second opinion experts.

Active Workflow Management

Our automated workflow management includes a built-in comprehensive Rules Engine that routes studies using inputs received from our credentialing team, clients and practice managers. The Rules Engine routes each study to the appropriate expert physician for primary consultation, peer review and second opinion. Upon dictation, the workflow automatically forwards cases to the transcription center. Upon completion of the transcription and editing, the system informs the physician and practice team to review and sign-off on the study. All activities in the workflow are time stamped and color coded. Our Practice team monitors in real-time, the flow of studies and takes appropriate actions to ensure the committed turnaround times are met. Any manual overrides to change assignments or to make changes to priorities as demanded by the situation, are handled promptly by the practice management team.

Customer Support

Our practice team provides operational support and assistance to our clients and providers 24/7/365. All interactions between AMRADNET, its client and the client’s customers are managed using OASIS™ tools. All discussions with reference to a patient are recorded and attached to the study, and is accessible along with the study for up to 10-years.

We offer customer support -

  1. To resolve any day-to-day clinical and operational issue at various levels of the workflow
  2. To assist AMRADNET's expert physicians in completing their task
  3. To support AMRADNET Medical Transcription team in ensuring quality and turnaround of reports
  4. To arrange tele-consultations between AMRADNET’s medical team and our client’s referring facilities or physicians
  5. To provide assistance to our clients in resolving any clinical and operational issues

Quality Assurance Support

AMRADNET’s Practice Management group is part of the company wide drive for continuing quality improvement. Our quality process is automated.

On a daily, monthly and quarterly basis, we provide the following services -

  1. Sampling studies based on several criterias including conflicting clinical findings, report review feedback, scheduled periodic review, etc. and sending them for peer review
  2. Preparing Focused Review Reports for clients
  3. Preparing Peer Review Reports for clients
  4. Preparing Incident Reports for clients
  5. Publishing a Quarterly Quality Matrix for our clients -
      a.    Average Turnaround Time
      b.   Reported Discrepancies as a percentage of all studies
  6. Instituting and complying with The Joint Commission protocols