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By bringing expert physicians of different specialties together, we focus on providing both routine and specialized medical service to hospitals, diagnostic centers, medical facilities and physicians across the country.

We understand the physician shortage, mal-distribution, high acquisition cost of medical technologies and deficiency in services to small, medium and rural hospitals. And we know the vicious cycle of how these issues could affect performance of a medical facility, leading to poor service delivery, customer dissatisfaction, diminishing patient traffic and finally shutting down medical access to a community.

Every day we are working hard to find new ways to improve medical service to the community

At AMRADNET, we not only bring a high caliber of Expert Physicians (Radiologists, Cardiologists and Neurologists) to fill the gap in your staffing needs (Locums and Off-site reading) but also our state-of-the-art technology (RIS, PACS, clinical and operational workflows) and unparalleled service to your operation and the community you serve. We help hospitals, urgent care centers, physicianís office, medical and diagnostic centers bring the best medical expertise to the community. Specialty coverage is provided by AMRADNETís experienced American board certified and fellowship trained expert physicians.

We have a team of physicians for most sub-specialties. We provide interpretation services for Imaging Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Portable X-Ray Providers, Physicianís offices, cardiology centers, Urology, OB/GYN and Neurology Offices nationwide. We are aware of the requirements of each customer and have a process in place to ensure the highest quality read. We work like a well-oiled machine and consistently deliver value within the committed turnaround time. In order to meet our turnaround time, we do not cut corners in our process - every patient exam goes through quality review, comparison (if any), dictation, transcription, quality review, and approval process.

With our technology and a large network of expert physicians, we bring quality patient care to hospitals, portable x-ray and ultrasound providers, diagnostic centers, urgent care, physician offices and medical facilities across the country.

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