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AT AMRADNET, we are committed to delivering high quality technical support to our clients, around-the-clock. Ensuring 99.999% uptime for our clients is our highest priority.
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Technology & Infrastructure Support

Our client’s mission-critical business demands the most innovative technology and dedicated support to keep operations running smoothly. AMRADNET’s people, processes and technology are integrated into our client’s processes and technology ensuring that both, client and AMRADNET, are operating at maximum efficiency. In the event of a disaster, our technical support team is ready to spring into action to get our client’s organization back online as quickly as possible.

AMRADNET’s technical support capabilities allow our clients to go about with their day-to-day operations worry-free, knowing their data and systems are secure, and that a competent team is in place to support both daily operational needs and emergency situations. We collaborate directly with our clients to create a support system that addresses their needs and specifications. Our technical team brings proven processes and approaches to keep our client’s critical technology and infrastructure running.

Our services include:

  1. Help Desk support
  2. Application Management
  3. Data Management and Protection, including intelligent data archiving
  4. Security Monitoring and Management
  5. Server Upgrades and migration
  6. Performance Monitoring
  7. Managed Patching and Integrity Checking

Help Desk Support

We provide round-the-clock support to our clients, providers and internal staff to resolve any technical and software issues on all platforms - PC, Mac and Mobile devices. We also provide first-level support on hardware leased by us to our clients.

Application Management

Our Application Management services pertain to managing and maintaining the end user application environment. We deliver the following services:

Software Distribution

AMRADNET software distribution services include all services related to automatic deployment of software and cover all activities starting from the pre-pilot phase to performing pilot tests and finally the full cloud-based system deployment.

Continuous Updates

AMRADNET continuous updates service covers all activities starting from assessing threats and vulnerabilities, analyzing new requirements, obtaining, testing and deploying all the required updates.

Data Management and Protection

AMRADNET data management and protection service helps ensure the data is safe and secured. The service includes intelligent data archiving on a daily basis in one or more locations as per our client’s request.

Security Monitoring and Management

Under this we provide both physical and virtual security management. Our managed security services includes fully managed firewall and intrusion prevention, content filtering, spam filtering, vulnerability scanning, virtual private network services and more. AMRADNET security monitoring and management service ensures business continuity for clients by protecting against internet attack - stopping unauthorized access and preventing worms, trojans, and viruses from taking down the network.

Server Upgrades and Migration

Our Server upgrades and migration service is offered for the following:

  1. Migrating from one domain (or server) to a second domain (or server)
  2. Migrating from one cloud-option (say, public) to another cloud-option (say, private)
  3. Migrating from a third-party small or enterprise system to AMRADNET's cloud-based system

In addition to the above, introduction of new features or a client crossing the maximum data storage threshold, may warrant an upgrade of the existing server, which is also covered by this service.

The migration service is done at the request of the client. Upgrades are routinely handled by our technical support without any intimation or consultation with the client. However, if there is a major upgrade to the client’s server a schedule of upgrade is emailed to the client.

Performance Monitoring

AMRADNET team continuously monitors all key performance metrics of all physical, virtual and cloud systems. The team is vigilant about the key indicators like Processes, CPUs, NICs, Disk I/O, memory, etc. and respond to any alerts immediately to keep the system online. This service ensures minimum or no downtime for our clients.

Managed Patching and Integrity Checking

AMRADNET Cloud-System comprises of several servers running different operating systems. Microsoft®, Linux and others consistently issue security patches designed to "fix" operating system vulnerabilities. For AMRADNET and its clients’ operations, it is imperative these patches be adequately tested for compatibility and quickly implemented for application integrity. Patch Management helps ensure data integrity, software compliance and system security at all times. At AMRADNET, this is done on a regular basis to reduce vulnerability of the system.