We Review Every Patient's Study Carefully to Provide the Correct Interpretation.

Over the last several years, hundreds of thousands of patients, medical facilities and physicians have put their trust in AMRADNET - and we have reciprocated by providing fast and accurate diagnosis. We understand the division of responsibilities between ourselves and the treating physicians, and its importance in the line of care provided to the patient. Our team consists of fellowship trained or Board Certified Radiologists. AMRADNET radiologists have not only kept up with their continuing medical education, but have also interpreted large volumes of studies and acquired the breadth of clinical expertise necessary to deliver the correct diagnosis.

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We Do More Than Just Interpreting the Exam.

Our radiologists go above and beyond interpretation - they continuously monitor the quality of and techniques used in submitted exams. A Reject & Repeat Report further allows our clients and technologists to monitor and improve their service. Studies are flagged by our radiologists as positive, critical, follow-up required, etc. to allow for better patient management. The outcome of this meticulous process is reflected in the streamlined UNIVERSAL WORKLIST made available for our clients, as well as the ordering facilities and physicians.

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Our Clients Can Expect More for Less.

Our radiologists take the extra step in tagging images with pathology, so our clients can deliver reports with key images. AMRADNET's team will render on-demand, reconstructed 3-D image series with segmentation and annotations to aid our client's treating physicians and surgeons in delivering care to their patients. These Key Images and 3-D image series can be accessed over iPads, iPhone, Mac and PCs.

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Our Radiologists Never Work Alone.

We provide our radiologists with a platform on which they can interface at any time of their choosing with other radiologists in our network. From here, they can easily discuss their findings and get consultations before providing final interpretation on an uncertain or complex study.

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