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Streamline your diagnostic testing and manage your patients. Connect, share and collaborate with your diagnostic service providers and our expert physicians. Get a real-time view into your operations, no matter how widespread your operations are.
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Medical Facilities & Referring Physicians

For Medical Facilities and Referring Physicians, AMRADNET® provides OPERATIONAL AND CLINICAL TOOLS to connect, share and collaborate with diagnostic service providers (portable and fixed centers), and also expert physicians (Radiologists, Cardiologists, etc).

With our tools, Medical Facilities and Referring Physicians can streamline their diagnostics testing, and monitor the performance of one or more facilities and providers through a single unified view. Here’s an overview of our tools-


Integrated Medical Calendar, which gives a unified single view of all exams ordered, scheduled and completed, for any day or any time period. The medical calendar can be viewed by the staff of a facility or a physician’s office from anywhere and on any device.


Next Generation Exam Ordering system that allows medical facilities and physicians to order diagnostic procedures from any device, including mobile devices.


Secure Cloud-based content distribution system that allows medical facilities and physicians to access diagnostic images and reports from anywhere, anytime using any device. All diagnostic information and images are accessible online for up to 7-10 years. No need to request and wait for Films, CDs or Paper reports.

Quality Control

Built-in Quality Control tools to manage quality and use of diagnostics services with reports like Diagnostics Utilization, Disease Management, Focus Review, Reject / Repeat, etc.


State-of-the-art diagnostic prescription system that enables referring physicians to create appointments, review diagnostic tests, and create/approve prescriptions online. All e-prescriptions are available to the diagnostics service providers, online or via fax.

With AMRADNET®, appointments and schedules can be coordinated from one or more locations, diagnostic reports can be reviewed by one or more caregivers at the same time, billing and payment can be managed locally (onsite) or remotely, and outcomes and treatment knowledge can be shared and managed by one or more physicians in the network.

Above all, corporate and local facilities can review utilization of diagnostics and performance of expert physicians within and among different facilities.

Please contact AMRADNET® or your provider to get your OPERATIONAL AND CLINICAL TOOLS.

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