Since its inception, AMRADNET has earned a reputation of providing the absolute highest quality radiology services for a wide range of clientele across America. Our experienced team of US Board Certified Radiologists is guaranteed to interpret studies faster and more reliably than others are even able to collect the relevant data.

On pace with our mission to mitigate errors and elevate patient care, AMRADNET has pioneered several cross-audit and quality checks into its technology. One of the ways we do so is through continuous quality monitoring, which is completed using feedback from various team members at different stages of interpretation and reporting

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We also provide online tools for physicians and nurses to provide feedback on our radiologist’s report with an option to upload their clinical findings and any other such information. We use these information to assess the quality of reporting and thereby rate our radiologists – improving the accuracy of reporting.

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Physicians and nurses can also request for a second opinion on a primary report. AMRADNET’s network of radiologists will proceed to review the original report, associated clinical data and diagnostic images, and quickly take action to mitigate any errors and ensure proper care. All second opinions are referred to our PeerNet® team for feedback on the expert physician’s performance.

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AMRADNET’s expert physicians are ready to work with your team in improving your radiology services across the board. We take the extra steps necessary, such as answering any protocol questions and evaluating the quality of each and every scan submitted for interpretation

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