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Access and share your entire medical images and reports online via Secured Social Network. Get the benefit of Second Opinion and online access to our expert physicians.
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No CD! No Films! No Paper Reports!

Now, for the first time ever in US history, patients (and family members with proper authorization) can access their medical data and images from anywhere, at anytime, and using any device, directly from our secure cloud. With our sophisticated tools, patients can connect, share and collaborate with their healthcare team and our expert physicians in getting the best outcome and treatment.

We offer package prices and custom packages for patients. Our package includes-

  1. Second Opinion Expert Physician Service (Radiology, Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedics)
  2. Technology Solution, and
  3. Cloud Storage and Content Distribution Service

Our Packages are FREE to Patients who are serviced by Medical Facilities, Diagnostic Centers or Primary Care Physicians in our network.

Please click here to see the list of Medical Facilities in our network.

Please click here to see the list of Primary Care Physicians in our network.

We have new Medical Facilities, Diagnostic Centers and Primary Care Physicians joining our network all the time. Please revisit this page for the most current information.

If you do not find your Medical Facility, Diagnostic Center or Primary Care Physicians in our network, please send an email to info@umedex.com with the subject line “cannot find my provider”. We will promptly respond with options.

Please sign-up and we will email instructions to you on how to connect with your facilities and physicians and how to access your premium package. To sign-up, complete the form on the left panel, and click on signup.

To learn more about our pricing and packages, please click on Premium under the Patient option.