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There are three packages to choose from, providing an option for every hospital and diagnostic center. It costs nothing to start using us. ZERO DOWN! NO MINIMUM VOLUME!
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Pricing and Package >> Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers

Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers

We offer package prices and custom packages for Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers. Our package includes-

  1. Expert Physician Service - Radiology, Cardiology, Neurology and Psychiatry
  2. Technology Solution
  3. Cloud Storage and Content Distribution Service, and
  4. Support Services

Our packages are available for ZERO DOWN and we bill our clients on a fee-for-service basis. There is NO MINIMUM VOLUME restriction. To learn more about our fee-for-service billing, please click here.

There are other pricing options available too:

  1. Standard Pricing - Under this option, the client will be charged the professional component as per the CPT code. There will be a nominal fee for Technology and Infrastructure usage. To learn more about our standard billing, please click here.
  2. Direct Bill Pricing - Under this option, the client will not be charged for the professional component. AMRADNET will directly bill the insurance provider of the patient. However, the client will be charged a nominal fee for Technology and Infrastructure usage. This option will be available from October 1st, 2012. To learn more about our direct billing, please click here.

The prices shown under each of the packages are for final reads.

Please CALL US at 1.877.AMRAD.4.U (267.2348) # 1 to discuss our other pricing and coverage options including our Turnkey Solution.

Currently, our pricing & package is for the Radiology specialty. The Cardiology package & pricing will be released on our website in August 2012.

Please CALL US at 1.877.AMRAD.4.U (267.2348) # 1 to discuss our Cardiology service and Pricing.

There are three packages available for purchase:

  1. Basic Package
    • The basic package or kit is the least expensive option for Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers to quickly put together a Teleradiology coverage solution. The package includes the following:
      • 24/7 Teleradiology Coverage with committed TAT (turnaround time) for reports
      • Round-the-clock customer and technical support
      • Basic infrastructure and technology to transmit images and clinical data and receive
           reports via fax.

    • Technology and cloud storage, though optional purchases, can provide a lot of flexibility in accessing reports immediately over multiple devices. In addition, cloud storage and content distribution ensures access to medical data and images for up to 10 years.

  2. Pro Package
    • The Pro or Professional Package is an upgrade to our Basic Package. With our Pro Package, Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers can streamline their entire diagnostics workflow, right from patient scheduling to operations management -single or multi-site- along with advanced tools for visualization and collaboration. You can use the Pro Package to manage both, on-site and off-site coverage. We have included additional services under this package to provide basic medical triage and quality control reports.

  3. Premium Package
    • The Premium Package is an upgrade to our Pro Package. In addition to all of the offerings available under the pro package, the premium package offers
      • Billing
      • Enhanced quality control, and
      • Marketing tools and services including networking and referral services for diagnostic
          centers and hospitals.

Select the service you need and submit the order online. There is no wait time. You can put our product and service to work for you within 24 hours of order confirmation.

Please sign-up and we will email instructions to you on how to access your package. To sign-up, complete the signup form on the left panel, and click on signup.

To learn more about our pricing and packages, please click on Basic, Pro and Premium under Hospital & Diagnostic Centers.