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At AMRADNET, we are dedicated to building a national network of different specialties and make it available to all.
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Vision, Mission and Core Values


To enhance diagnostic efficiency and health information exchange, and broaden the geographic opportunity for physician, patient and all intermediaries involved in the health care delivery process.


Our mission is to offer innovative products and services that will assist diagnostic facilities, physicians and all intermediaries of the health care delivery process to meet their challenges of providing high quality care more efficiently and profitably.

At AMRADNET, we are dedicated to building a national medical network that will bring different specialties and diagnostics into an interconnected digital future.

Core Values

Our Core Values are key to who we are as a company. These values guide all of AMRADNETís corporate and individual activities. They are the bedrock of our corporate culture. The following list of core values reflects the concepts that are significant to us as an organization:

    Innovation and Continuous Improvement Be on the Leading edge and differentiated service based on the state-of-the-art concepts and technology
    Cost Effectiveness Improve efficiency and eliminate waste in all processes to remain competitive
    Integrity Honest, timely and direct interactions with providers, patients, vendors and employees
    Quality Deliver the service we have agreed to
    Social Responsibility Bring expertise to the underserved