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Our solution inculdes expert physician service, technology, infrastructure and support service. You can configure our services the way you want - Turnkey or
A La Carte.
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Solution >> Hospitals & Diagnostic Center

Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers

Our solution for Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers serves the following types of facilities:

  1. Independent Imaging Centers
  2. Hospital based diagnostic facilities
  3. Outpatient Centers
  4. Surgical Centers
  5. Walk-In Clinics
  6. Retail Clinics
  7. Urgent Care Centers

We provide a comprehensive ZERO DOWN SOLUTION to hospitals and diagnostic centers. Our solution helps to do away with CDs, Films or Paper reports, thus making our system virtually free for our clients.

Also now, for the first time ever, referring physicians and patients can access their reports and images online.

At AMRADNET, we are always expanding our clinical specialties. Currently, we provide solutions in the following clinical areas -

  • Radiology - to learn more about our radiology specialty, please click here
  • Cardiology - to learn more about our cardiology specialty, please click here

Our solution includes:

  • Expert Physician Service - This includes our Radiology and Cardiology interpretation services. To learn more about our expert physician service, please click here.

  • Technology - Our Oxygen™ technology provides secure cloud-based operational and clinical tools to collaborate, manage and efficiently run a fixed diagnostic operation. To learn more about our technology, please click here.

  • Infrastructure - This refers to our cloud storage and content distribution services. To learn more about our infrastructure, please click here.

  • Support Service - This is to ensure smooth day-to-day operations of the mobile service provider. To learn more about our service, please click here.

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