AMRADNET's Quality Assurance

AMRADNET is on a mission to achieve zero error reporting and improve patient care, and in the process of doing so, we have implemented several cross-audit and quality checks into our technologies. In addition to continuously monitoring quality, we also collect feedback throughout several stages of reporting process. Some of the ways we go above and beyond to maintain our high expectations include –

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Report Review

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We provide the tools for treating physicians and nurses to report any discrepancy between clinical and radiological findings. Feedbacks are collected and used in evaluating the performance of our physicians. Frequent user feedback gives us the ability to understand our radiologists’ weaknesses, and counsel or reassign, as the case may warrant.

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Second Opinion

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We also give our clients the ability to request a second opinion if a treating nurse or physician observes a difference between the radiological report and clinical findings. The study is automatically routed to another radiologist within the system who carefully reviews the original images, along with the report and any new clinical data provided. From here, the radiologist quickly provides a written second opinion report to ensure proper care. Our Second Opinion system is completely automated through our proprietary and world class technology and workflow process, SecondNet™.

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radiologists peer review

Peer Review

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We are constantly on the pursuit for new ways to heighten our quality standards. Our team of experienced clinicians and radiologists, backed by PeerNet™ technology, analyzes any resources and factors affecting quality (be it the technology or the radiologist) and fine-tunes these variables to transcend the quality our customers demand. Moreover, our Peer Review process continuously provides performance feedback to directly address the factors or issues that contribute to these minor quality discrepancies.

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Double Reading

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We realize that misinterpretation of radiological examinations is a critical contributing factor to diagnostic errors. To meet our goal of reducing such errors, AMRADNET's Double Reading program allows two radiologists to collaborate in real-time to identify any shortcoming in a report, and then communicate online about reasoning behind the acceptance or rejection.

The Double Reading process is done under the supervision of our practice and clinical teams, and has dramatically improved the quality of our reporting.

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